Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Pinspiration

Happy Monday, Y'all!

I hope your weekend was full of fun and relaxation. I got back late Friday night from a work trip, so it was extra nice to be sleeping in my own bed and getting back into my regular routines, like hitting up a Saturday morning Pure Barre class and making dinner with Jake and my roommate on Sunday night. 

This week's gearing up to be pretty packed, so a little Sunday Pinterest session was just what I needed to get my head into gear.

{This art print is any Bucknell grad's dream come true. I think I might need it in my apartment.}

{I love how much natural light this kitchen has. The copper kitchen tools add a great touch to the decor, too!}

{Since Texas won't be cooling off for a few months now I think it makes plenty of sense to invest in a few more summer outfits like this one.}

{Love these sunglasses, but could definitely not pull off this chambray dress thanks to how sweaty and hot Austin is right now. Can someone with more moderate weather please copy this outfit in my honor? K thanks.}

{I'm finally building out my personal literary collection but am starting to run out of storage. I'd love to use these little reading benches as storage!}

{I'm still on the never ending quest to re-vamp my bedroom and am starting to think it all depends on the rug selection. I like how this rug is a little understated but adds so much to the room!}
Hope you enjoyed those pretty pictures. Here's to an awesome week!


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  1. If I had a library overlooking the ocean like that I'm pretty sure I'd die of happiness! Fun pins!

    Her Heartland Soul