Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wedges Wanted

After two fabulous years, it's finally time to say goodbye to my favorite neutral wedges. I wore them (quite literally) to pieces and decided that I should probably be a grown-up and buy a pair of shoes that don't need to be superglued every time I wear them out.

Is it weird that the idea of finding a new pair of wedges to replace my tried and true favorites stressed me out? Rather than be excited about a new purchase, I've been worried that I won't be able to find a pair as good as the one I'm replacing.

Luckily after scouring Nordstrom's website, I think I've rounded up a few pairs that just might be able to fill the empty spot on my shoe rack.

{Clockwise from top left: one//two//three//four//five//six//seven//eight}
I think my favorites out of this bunch are numbers seven and eight, but pair five is calling to me with their Huarache sandal vibe. Would it be bad to go from having no neutral wedges to three pairs? Maybe the hot Texas summer will help me rationalize it :)

Do you have a favorite pair of wedges? If so, please share! I don't plan on taking this decision lightly so the more options to choose from, the better.


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  1. Ohh so many cute ones!! I somehow don't have a pair but really need to get some! They're perfect for Spring and Summer!

    Her Heartland Soul