Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gel Nails - Part 2

Are you ready for it?! Here's part two of my Gel Nail Saga. 

Last week I walked you through getting my first gel manicure and it was pretty great. Then came the part I was dreading... taking the gel nail polish off. I've heard horror stories of removing gel manicures both in the salon and at home so I wanted to try it for myself and see what all the fuss was about! 

If I had been planning to get another gel manicure, I would've just gone to a salon for a removal + manicure all at once, but I was ready to get back to painting my own so I did a little research online and decided to tackle the task myself. 

I found this amazing step-by-step guide posted on The Beauty Department and since I pretty much think Lauren Conrad walks on water, I decided to give it a go! 

Here are all of the supplies you'll need:
(you can find them all at your local drugstore - no need to be fancy)
- Acetone
- Cotton Balls
- Nail File or Buffing Square
- Tin Foil
- Orange Stick or Cuticle Stick

{The supplies}
Once you get all your supplies together, put on a tv show or a movie. You'll be here for around 30 minutes so get cozy!

First, file down the top coat of your gel nails. I didn't go crazy with this step because I hate the feeling of filing, but it's a crucial step to making sure all of the gel nail polish dissolves. You want to make sure you at least get through the clear top coat for a successful removal. 

Once your nails are buffed, soak a cotton ball in acetone and secure it to  your nail with a small square of tin foil. Mine were tight enough that they didn't fall off, but loose enough that I could slide them on and off if I needed to. Let sit for 15 minutes. 

{Robot fingers!}
Once your 15 minutes are up, slide your robot fingers off and take a look at your polish. Some of the polish should come off with the tin foil. When I slid mine off, I was left with this: 

{The remains}
From there, just take your cuticle stick and gently push the rest off. You shouldn't need a lot of force at this point, so if it isn't coming off easily just put your robot hat on for a few more minutes and try again. 

Once you've pushed off all of your gel nails, you might still have some residue from the base coat left over. It's clear so you can't see it easily, but it feels a bit rougher than your natural nail. To get rid of the leftover pieces, I just used a buffer square and buffed it off of my nails gently until they felt smoothed out. 

A lot of my friends and family have reported dry or brittle nails after using gel so I decided to trim my nails and then let them breathe for a few days without any polish. (This is a big deal for me and I felt weird with naked nails the whole time.) 

And there you have it! An at-home removal that is way easier than I expected it would be. I don't know anything about the science behind this method (everything I know I learned from the article I liked above) so please be careful when you try this yourself! 

xxo, Kristen

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  1. I did that to remove my gels after my wedding too! I wish I thought to use a cuticle pusher stick though. Getting that leftover stuff off was not as easy for me afterwards.

    Her Heartland Soul