Thursday, April 09, 2015

Austin City Guide: The Trail at Lady Bird Lake

Now that the weather's been getting nicer in Austin, I've been making an effort to bring back my Austin City Guide posts. I still don't feel like I've even scratched the top of what Austin has to offer and I'm constantly trying new things in this city.

One thing I do pretty frequently is go for walks or runs on Town Lake Trail (The Trail at Lady Bird Lake). Whenever Jake's in town, we usually end-up here on Sunday afternoons to take Lady out for long walks and tend to walk the same loop from Zilker Park to Congress Avenue Bridge. 

This past Tuesday, I was headed out for a quick run after work and decided to turn the opposite way from where I normally run and was met with the prettiest section of path. Isn't it funny how simply changing the direction you go can completely refresh an activity you do almost weekly? 

I was so inspired that I had to share them. If you're ever in town and need to get a quick workout in, you can't go wrong with a walk or jog along Town Lake! It's on the river and right in the heart of Downtown Austin. Plus if you're lucky you can even catch the bats flying out from under the bridge!

{I took this last picture just so you could see how close this beautiful trail is to Downtown.}
Things like this make me feel so lucky to be living in this amazing city! Have you found any great new to you spots in your city lately? 

xxo, Kristen 


  1. Oh goodness that park looks gorgeous!! I need to do a better job of scoping out Omaha parks! We have some really pretty ones but I don't go to them enough!

    Her Heartland Soul

    1. I totally agree! I need to do a better job of exploring my own neighborhoods :)