Friday, September 19, 2014

{Friday Five} Travel Tips

I'm heading out on a 10-day journey today! First I'm off to Chicago for a weekend wedding, then off to San Francisco for the week to work. In light of all the traveling I'll be doing, I thought some travel tips would be the perfect topic for today's Friday Five. 

As a little bit of background info... I went to college on the East Coast while my whole family was in California, which required a ton of traveling back and forth for holidays and breaks. After that I moved to Texas, the perfect center between family on the West and friends in the East, which means my traveling days are all but behind me. Over the past 6+ years, I've picked-up some great tips so I figured I'd share a few with you!

1. Optimize Your Space
Roll your clothes! I learned this trick before studying abroad my junior year and it has seriously changed the way I pack. You can fit WAY more into your suitcase which optimizes space. My second tip is to stuff smaller items (undies, socks, sports bras) into boots and shoes to make sure you're using every last nook and cranny available in your suitcase.

2. Dress Strategically
While it's pretty well known knowledge that you should wear your bulkiest items on the plane, I've taken the ultimate plane wardrobe a few steps further. Whenever I pack, I try to wear at least two layers of outerwear (Sweater + Vest/Hoodie + Field Jacket) to give myself a little extra packing space and to make-up for how freezing cold it is in airports and on airplanes. Plus, I use the second layer as a blanket/pillow later on the plane.

The big tip with this one is to make sure whatever you're wearing can be taken off easily! No one wants to be the person holding-up the security line, so make sure everything you're wearing can be taken off in one quick motion. I usually try to wear two jackets/sweaters that close in the front so I can take them both off at once.

3. Don't Waste Money
Airports are expensive, so don't find yourself caught thirsty or hungry without anything on hand. I like to bring a few extra snacks (bag of almonds or a Kind bar) along with me because I know I'll be hungry on the plane. I also always bring an empty water bottle to fill-up post security checkpoint because there is no way  I want to spend $4 for a bottle of water! 

4. Be Prepared
With modern technology it is so easy to be prepared for your flights! Never again will you have to rummage through your over-stuffed purse to find your boarding pass when you can have it on your phone! I like to save the details of my flight on the "notes" section of my Calendar event for a flight so it's easily accessible if I need to see what my Flight # is or when I land. I also screenshot my boarding pass so I don't have to search back through my email to find it again. 

5. Use Time Wisely
While I'm notorious for sleeping through plane rides, flights can also be a really good way to get things done. Whether you want to get ahead of work or catch-up on a book you've been dying to read, try to spend your time in a way that will make you feel even more relaxed when you land. For me, that happens to be sleeping, but I always at least attempt to do something else before I inevitably doze off. 

Do you have any tried and true travel tips? I'd love to hear them!


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