Monday, July 14, 2014

Discovering Dallas - The Bottle Shop

You might remember from Instagram that a few weeks ago I stumbled into a new to me Dallas spot. While en route to one of my favorite coffee shops Mudsmith, I decided to take a peek into The Bottle Shop, Mudsmith's next-door neighbor that I've walked by numerous times and have never checked out.

After peeking inside, it turned out to be a really cool store lined with more types of beer than you can imagine as well as several large tables, a sit-down bar, and some big-screen tvs. The best part was, since it was early in the evening, Jake and I were two of three customers there at the time and had the whole place to ourselves!

Once we learned The Bottle Shop offers free Wi-Fi for guests, Jake and I decided to park ourselves at a nice big table and work there for the rest of the evening. It was a really fresh change from our usual caf├ęs and I'd recommend it to any other Dallasites who are looking for a new place to get some work done (especially if you're looking to wind-down with a cold brew at the same time)!

Don't you love accidentally finding new cool spots around your city? Now that I'm in Austin I'll have a whole new area to explore!

Have you happened upon any cool neighborhood spots recently? If you're in DFW or Austin, I'd love to hear about them!

xxo, Kristen

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