Friday, June 27, 2014

{Friday Five}

Sorry for the silence this week! I had some friends in town visiting last weekend and once they left, I pretty much didn't want to be a real person again. Lucky for you I got my stuff together just in time for a round-up of things that have caught my eye this week! 

1. Fitbit
A new {Friday Five}, a new workout excitement. I know, I know. I need to stick to one thing and just do it already, but I can't help it if I need the extra excitement that new fitness gear brings! I bought my Fitbit after my friends were in town because my friend Kati has had one since February and loves it. She kept encouraging us to "get more steps in" the whole weekend and knowing we had a goal to meet made me even more inspired to get moving. Jake has one too, so between the two of them I was convinced I had to get one. 

Unfortunately, mine had issues the first two days. I couldn't get it to sync to my phone, couldn't get the app to delete a meal program and if I'm being honest, I was close to tears from frustration while I emailed the support team. Luckily after a few emails back and forth and two days, my Fitbit is finally up and running! Considering how much I ended-up writing here, it looks like I'll have to do a follow-up post to let you know how I end-up liking it!

If you're like me, you're probably already planning your outfit for the 4th of July. I came across this post by Kate from A Lonestar State of Southern and felt immediately inspired. I have a white dress! I have a gingham button-up! Sold. This is definitely one of the contending outfits for my favorite day of the year. I'll have a post on Monday with a few more outfit ideas, so stay tuned!

I haven't ordered anything from BaubleBar yet, but I've definitely online-window-shopped their collection enough to know they have some really cute stuff. Most of their stuff is really well-priced and with the additional sale discount, the prices are crazy! I might have to snag a few new pretties for myself. 

I'm determined to get the most out of my last few days of summer as I can! I could really use a cute cover-up like this one to take me to and from the pool so I can give my crop tops and cut-offs a rest and look at tad bit more put together. Loving this bright orange color, but the cover-up comes in black and white as well. The best part: this cover-up along with a ton of other summer styles are 30% off with the code HISUMMER. Go get shopping!

Last but certainly not least, Polished N Pretty officially has its own Instagram account! Follow @polishednprettyblog for lots of fun pictures of nail polish and maybe even a cute pup or two. 

Have a fantastic weekend!
xxo, Kristen 

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