Friday, June 06, 2014

{Friday Five}

Today is the last day of school, which means it's officially time for summer to begin (because come on, who really waits until June 21st anyway?). Here are a few things that are calling my name as I head into a few weeks of relaxation, sun, and catching up on my summer reading.

I'd been wanting a necklace to rep my home state for months now, but couldn't find quite the right piece. Luckily, my friend Lisa introduced me to Kris Nations and within days I was wearing this little guy around my neck. It's a very small, dainty necklace, but that happened to be just what I was looking for. I've been wearing it non-stop since it arrived and it feels so good to have a little piece of home with me wherever I go! I'll for sure be rocking this bad boy all summer long. 

I'm digging this new color from Essie's Summer 2014 collection. I've seen it around on a few different fashion blogs and can't wait 'til I can get my hands on it to try it out for myself. 

After reading amazing reviews for Exhale's workout classes on A Piece of Toast, I decided to try out their new member package for a month of unlimited classes. It seemed like the perfect thing to do considering I have almost exactly a month left in Dallas! So far I've been to two Core Fusion Barre classes and both totally kicked my butt. I've done barre before, but I haven't been to a class in about a year and it's a little rough getting back into shape for it! They also offer yoga classes so I plan to switch off between the two and couldn't be more excited for a sweat-packed first month of summer.  Might as well get myself moving now that I'm about to have so much free time!

I've admitted already how much of a sucker I am for James Patterson novels. I've been reading the Women's Murder Club novels since college and was a little bit sad when I finally made it to the 12th installment of the series, meaning I actually had to wait for the next one to come out. I'm the type of person who opens letters while I'm standing in front of my mailbox, so this was hard for me to say the least. Luckily enough, #13 is out just in time for my summer vacation! Now if only the waiting list for it at the Dallas library wasn't so long!

Because duh, everything is better when you're tan. I haven't tried this stuff out yet (currently still using the Jergen's foaming lotion), but I've read some amazing reviews online and it definitely looks worth a shot. Once I try it out I'll make sure to report back with my findings! 

What's on your summer list? Have any good books you're dying to read or products you'd love to try? As always, I'd love to know!

Have a fantastic weekend! If you need me, I'll be by the pool. 

xxo, Kristen

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