Friday, May 23, 2014

{Friday Five}

Here are a few things on my radar this week:

I downloaded this app a couple of months ago after a friend recommended it. I tried it out for a while, and couldn't really get excited about it or tell why I needed another mail app when I already get mail to my iPhone. After playing around with it for a bit I. Got. Hooked.You guys, it's the EASIEST way to sort your email into different groups and it even color codes the tabs! You can also set reminders to have an email resent to you at a custom time when you actually have a few minutes to read/respond to it. Download it and give yourself a month or so to get used to it, I promise you'll love it! Especially if you're like me and are constantly having to sort through work/personal/blog emails to try to find things. 

These ladies are Karena and Katrina and they are the masterminds behind, a health and fitness website that has tons of free workouts and recipes. They post new workouts every week and their videos are amazing! It's kind of like working out with one of your best friends. They laugh at themselves and have a good time while they kick your butt! I highly recommend them.

I bought this taming creme after reading a blow out tutorial on The Londoner. I never do anything cool/exciting with my hair, so I decided I could splurge a bit to try this stuff out. This creme is AMAZING. It held my curls in for three days and was still going strong! (Sorry if you're a shampoo every day kinda girl and I'm grossing you out!) This is one of the best beauty purchases I've made in the past 2 years. Hands down.

J. Crew Factory is having a moment. A really, really good moment. I'm really skeptical about outlet stores. I'm almost too aware that stores often (always) manufacture items specifically for their outlet stores, and I've always felt like it's somewhat tricky and dishonest. J. Crew factory shed a whole new light onto outlets for me and I wanted to buy everything. Yes, they still manufacture specifically for their outlets, but their stuff is legit and it's cheap. Even better? This weekend they're offering 50% off all men's and women's styles. Get in, loser, we're going shopping. 

I've been wearing this nail polish two weeks out of the past three which is a pretty big deal for me. Ask my roommie, I change my polish more than I change my mood, so if I keep a polish on for a week? I'm pretty much in love. This is the perfect summer color and everyone should have it!

Hope you have a GREAT long weekend! Spend it soaking up sun, relaxing, and thinking about all the men and women who have fought for our beautiful country. 

xxo, Kristen

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