Monday, April 21, 2014

Discovering Dallas

Have you found that the longer you live somewhere, the less you feel like you can do the "touristy" things? The idea of wanting to fit in and feel local often keep you from doing some of the great things a city has to offer.

I spent my 5 months abroad in London trying to convince myself that I didn't need to do the "touristy" things because I was living in London for half a year. Which, c'mon, obviously made me too cool to do things like go on the London Eye or see the changing of the guards. When it came time for my last week in England, I panicked. I had put off doing all of the so-called touristy things, when I had actually really wanted to do them! I left myself with a mere 5 days to fit in all of the activities I had previously deemed too cliche. 

My time abroad wasn't the only time something like this has happened to me. I grew up in the Bay Area my entire life and have still never been to Alcatraz! Sometimes you get so comfortable with being a local that you miss out on some of the more obvious things a city has to offer. I know I can't be the only one who misses out on experiences based on the fear of being too "touristy." 

But really, what's so bad about being a tourist once in a while?

My friend Erin is always doing fun new things to explore her city and its inspired me to do the same. While I've done a lot in Dallas and Fort Worth during my two years in Texas (and had the privilege to act touristy while showing friends/family around) I still feel like I could be exploring more. Dallas has so much to offer and I want to start taking advantage of it!

... And so it begins. A brand new blog series while I attempt to Discover Dallas! Stay tuned for some fun and perhaps touristy posts in the future. I'm excited. Are you?

xxo, Kristen

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  1. Aw you're so sweet! I'm SO excited for your Discovering Dallas series. I've always wanted to go there.