Saturday, April 19, 2014

{Coffee Convo} Let's talk blogging.

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I've been having a really interesting relationship with blogging lately. Interesting in that... the more I'm having fun in real life, the less I tend to my blog life. Between spending time at work and spending time with friends, the blog has fallen to the wayside. 

After about 2 weeks of a blogging break, I was doubting whether or not I even wanted to continue the blog. I started to become overly aware that a lot of bloggers I follow and love are really just strangers I know very little about. Couldn't that time be better spent with friends and family? I had to step back and decide if the blogging world was something that was enriching my life through new experiences, or taking away from it. 

So I took a break. I still obsessively checked "my blogs" every day, but I wasn't contributing to anything. I guess without realizing, I had also started to doubt whether or not I really had anything worth saying. Fast forward to a girl's night in with some friends - filled with manicures and chick flicks, where my friends were asking for my advice on nail polish and really valuing what I had to say. I realized that I really do have a passion for nail polish, as frivolous as it may seem. And you know what? Nail polish can make people really happy. It may not change the world, it may not save a life, but gosh darn if it doesn't make your day one million times better to have a freshly painted manicure. 

So all of that brought me to the basic idea that as long as my blog and the online community I belong to are making me happy, it's definitely worth my while. Not to mention it's an amazing way to share photos and stories with family and friends who live far away. 

After all, it's all about balance, right? Blogging is only satisfying if you're happy with the life you're living so it's important to make sure you're as invested in your "real" life as you are in the one you portray online. 

So for now... I'm back y'all! And hoping to find more happiness and balance in this crazy online world.  Let's hope I can stay a while this time :)

xxo, Kristen

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