Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Essie Resort Spring Collection 2014

Weather in Dallas was back to normal after a pretty frigid few weeks and all of this warmer weather has me begging for spring, sunshine, and brighter colors. I tend to rotate my nail color as the seasons change and I've definitely started taking out my pastels and fun colors in preparation for a warm front. 

I ordered a sample pack of Essie's Resort 2014 Collectionand I'm particularly smitten with some of the colors they have going on this spring. 

 "Under the Twilight"

"Under the Twilight" is a deep purple, or as the Essie website puts it, "provocative, smokey plum." Don't you just love the way brands describe polish? "Under the Twilight" is a great dark color to add to your rotation if you're looking for one. I personally have more dark polishes than I can rotate, but, hey, why not add one more to the collection? 

"Cocktails and Coconuts"
"Cocktails and Coconuts" is a great nude shade that reminds me of one of the Julep Maven shades I was sent a few months ago. It's a mix between a coffee color and a true nude, which might make it the perfect addition to your collection. 

"Resort Fling"

"Resort Fling" is a fun peachy-orange that is just the right amount of color. Orange is such a hard color with my skin tone, but I actually liked the way this looked. It did take a few coats to have a solid color... I think the pictures show what 3 coats of color look like. A great choice if you're looking for a subtle orange!

"Find Me an Oasis"
Drumroll please... I LOVE THIS COLOR. It was the first of the collection I swatched and I had to repaint my nails this color after I finished because I love it so much. It's seriously the most perfect light, white-blue. Cooler colors tend to complement my skin tone more and I think this polish nails it. White-toned nails are a huge trend right now and I highly recommend this polish to anyone looking to get into the look!

... And here's the gang all together again. Mini polishes are an awesome choice for those of you (like me) who already own so many polishes that you only get to wear each polish once or twice a year. The smaller bottle means you won't lose as much if the polish dries out, but you'll still have enough to satisfy your color-change cravings! 

Have you ever tried sample sizes for new collections? I think it's a fun and (relatively) inexpensive way to play a little bit with colors you might not usually pick-out for yourself. 

What other colors are you looking forward to wearing this spring? I know that light blue will be on my nails a lot in the near future!

xxo, Kristen

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