Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OPI {Just a Little Rosti at This}

As you might've known from my {Sunday Pinspiration}, I'm on the search for the perfect oxblood polish. I've been scouring pinterest to try to find something, but keep coming up short! If any of you out there have some suggestions, I'd be more than delighted to hear them. I'm telling you... I want it, I need it ("Oh baby, oh baby"... 10 Things I Hate About You anyone??). 

In a desperate attempt to get my nails up to par, I went through every polish I have to try to find the closest thing. 

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is....

I've had this polish for years and I can't say I've worn it more than once or twice, but I was pleasantly surprised when I came across it on my mission for oxblood. It's a little bit darker and, well, rustier than what I'm looking for, but for now it'll definitely do. 

There's just something about deep red nails that help you get into the holiday season, am I right?

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