Friday, August 02, 2013

{Friday Five}

Welcome to the first edition of {Friday Five}. Here are five things that have caught my eye this week: 

1. Anyone else have Bachelorette Fever? A friend shared this video with me and it was too cute not to pass along...

2. I kind of have a thing for elephants so when I saw these Elephant Drink Stirrers form C Wonder, it was love at first sight. I mean come on, how cute are they? I have a feeling these little guys will be living with me in no time. 

3. I stumbled upon this iPhone case while browsing Julep's current sale section. Isn't it perfect? Freshly painted nails make everything better. 

4. Warby Parker. Check out the website. Just do it. They have TONS of amazing glasses (both eye and sun) and have an even cooler at home try-on program. I'm currently deciding on which five I'll be choosing to try-on myself! 

5. A friend of mine shared this incredible story with me a few days ago and was lucky enough to go to the wedding herself. This video is definitely worth watching. (Warning: it's a tear jerker!)

That's all for today. Enjoy the weekend y'all!

1 comment:

  1. Loving the Friday Five! So excited for the Bachelorette finale on Monday. That wedding video is precious. Just posted 2 videos on your facebook that you'll love! <3