Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classic With a Twist {June Colors... Part 1}

The June Maven Box pays tribute to the classic East Coast summer with two fun polishes, "Martha" and "Kennedy." 

"Kennedy" is a sandy taupe color that I was very unsure about out of the box. The color looked pretty in the bottle, but I wasn't confident it would look good on my skin tone.

Once it was on, I still didn't think it looked very good on me. I thought it might look better on one of my tanner friends, but it wasn't meshing well with my very pink-toned skin.

Yet... the whole day I was wearing it, I kept looking down at my fingers and loving it. My nails looked exactly like iced coffee or coffee ice cream, and for some reason, that consistently put a smile on my face. Maybe I have some sort of complex with coffee flavored things, but this color was really enjoyable, especially considering I still don't think it actually looks good with my skin tone.

This is a great example of loving a color, even though it isn't for you. Because let's be serious... it happens. Sometimes with fashion, you love a look you see on someone else and it just isn't the same when you try it yourself.

That being said, I can still say that this color made me feel fun and a little exciting in an out-of-my-comfort zone type of way. If you try this color yourself, please let me know what you think! Do you also get to run to the closest coffee shop whenever you see it? Or is that just me...? 

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